Llora por el amor - english

Almost each of her thrilling novels reached the best-seller list of the publisher BOD - Books on Demand and even managed to make it to the first place on it. For a few years, Jaliah J. has been able to captivate her readers with exciting book series, breathtaking novels and even with one mysterious fantasy series. She always manages to hit the right nerve and does not get tired of creating a whole new world. 
Jaliah J. lives with her husband and her three sons in the colourful and dynamic Berlin. Through her social media channels she lets her readers participate in her daily life as well as during the creation of  new projects.

"This young author writes with self-indulgence as well as consequences love stories, I wish her a leisurely narrative pace for sparkling imagination and captivating fantasy."
Vito von Eichborn about Hijas de la luna from Jaliah J.

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Facebook: JaliahJ.
Instagram: jaliahj_official


When I decided to publish the story ‘Llora por el amor – Cry for Love’ as a book, I never thought that this would be such a success. The readers’ excitement and the increasing number of readers completely overwhelmed me and it still does. I look forward to every feedback and to how much all of you wait with excitement for the next books of the series.Even if I dedicate myself to other book projects, I’m always happy to work on a new part of this book series. The Trez Puntos, the Les Surenas and the new generation of the Trez Surentos are a part of my life now. It is the greatest reward for me to feel that I can lead my readers into another world, into the city of Sierra in Puerto Rico with my books.