Jaliah J. is a young author, who lives with her family in Berlin. Her descents live all over the world, but her heart beats for Puerto Rico.
Her first writing attempts started in some internet forums, where she quickly found some devoted readers of her stories and the first book was only a few steps away.
By now, many bookshelves are filled with the young author’s writings and her books are regularly found in BOD’s bestseller lists.
With her famous ‘Llora por el amor’ – series, she created a whole new world, in which hundreds of young readers seclude themselves and forget everything around them.
Many more projects are planned, thus you’ll still hear a lot from the young author in the future.
Immerse in the fascinating world of books by Jaliah J. 

"This young author is writing romance novels with just as much abandon as consequence, I wish her a lot of narrative stamina for sparkling  and stirring fantasy."    


 Vito von Eichborn

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